Stroke and Brain Injury

Our programs are tailored to the needs of each individual.

Stroke occurring due to a bleed from or a blockage of blood vessels to the brain results in damage to the brain.

Brain injuries can be acquired or traumatic; can range from mild to severe; and can often involve a complex mix of physical, cognitive, behavioural and perceptual issues.

The good news is that other areas can be trained to take over lost function from the damaged area of the brain. This requires specific therapy from a team of therapists experienced in this area.

Our programs promote intensity, variation and challenge to drive real and lasting changes in the brain, just as research suggests. We also aim to minimise secondary complications that can lead to further disability.

One of our Neuro physiotherapists will assess your needs, goals, function and impairments, and discuss with you a treatment plan designed to maximise your potential.

If you are looking for maximal improvement, this may involve one of our intensive therapy blocks where you can target your walking, balance, arm function or any other personal goal. 

You and your physiotherapist may also consider our stroke and brain injury groups alongside or between individual intensive block. These groups are a great opportunity to increase your practice, maintain your gains and challenge yourself in a motivating and supportive setting, supervised by an experienced Neuro Physiotherapist.

We may also support you to acquire a device, piece of equipment or medical management (e.g. spasticity management) to compliment your therapy and progress.