Vestibular Physiotherapy is a specific form of therapy primarily aimed at treating people who exhibit dysfunction of their vestibular system, which can cause symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo, spinning, balance problems, visual disturbance, and motion sensitivity.

Coffs Neuro Physio at Health on High has two Vestibular Physiotherapists who are highly experienced in assessing and treating the many different conditions that can cause vestibular dysfunction.

Treatment is individualised and will depend on the presenting symptoms and medical history obtained through thorough questioning; diagnostic test results; and physical examination performed by the therapist.

We have specialised equipment to aid our assessment and treatment of vestibular conditions, and we work closely with your treating doctor. These help us to rule out sinister causes of your symptoms and generate as accurate as possible a diagnosis, that can then be treated appropriately.

If left untreated or mistreated, many of these conditions and symptoms can lead to more serious or chronic circumstances.

Treatment may include manoeuvre techniques, education, and exercises that can be provided for independent regular practice at home when capable. Exercises may target:


  • Improving your ability to keep your vision stable while you move
  • Reducing your dizziness, vertigo or spinning
  • Reducing your motion sensitivity
  • Improving your balance and steadiness while walking, especially in busy places


Vestibular rehabilitation can benefit patients of any age and with a variety of vestibular conditions. It can help to alleviate acute or long-standing symptoms, as well as achieving long-term resolution of symptoms, improving function, reducing risk of falling and increasing independence.

Coffs Neuro Physio at Health On High also hosts a weekly ‘Neurobalance’ exercise group that provides an opportunity for people to continue to practice these exercises in the clinic, under the supervision of a Vestibular Physiotherapist.

For all the reasons above, it is crucial that vestibular dysfunction is assessed and managed by Vestibular Physiotherapists who have specific training and experience in this area.

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