Joint Replacement Rehab

Our clinic has a combined experience of over 40 years between our physios in managing the acute post-operative period of knee, hip, Total and Reverse Total shoulder joint replacements, and their follow-up rehab once discharged from hospital. 

Through this experience we intimately know and understand that each replacement is as individual as the person, and your benefit from this is to minimise complications and maximise recovery.  We understand the difference between a ‘reactive’ and a ‘stiff’ post-op knee, and the optimal way to manage with it. We know how much is too much, and when it is too little, and we educate you on your ideal home routine. 

Anterior hip joint replacements may be new to some, however we developed the post-op routine and recovery rehab for use locally, and our results speak for themselves. And of course, we know shoulders!
Joint replacement recovery classes: Once your acute post-op rehab has finished, we offer small rehab classes to improve your overall fitness level and get fit to enjoy your new joint and freedom!