Shoulder Pain- Rotator Cuff

It is essential that pain felt in the shoulder is correctly diagnosed so that effective and appropriate management is put in place. Most commonly pain can arise from bursitis, or from the rotator cuff tendons due to tendonosis or partial thickness tears [Note: 50% of people aged over 50yo have asymptomatic rotator cuff tears]. But pain can also arise from laxity in the joint, or weakness of the rotator cuff, both of which can result in impingement pain in the glenohumeral joint (GHJ=shoulder). Less commonly arthritis of the GHJ or acromio-clavicular joint (ACJ), torn ACJ ligaments, or even Adhesive Capsulitis [Frozen Shoulder] can be the cause. Sometimes the shoulder may be purely overloaded due to weak  stabilisers around the scapula [shoulder blade] or even a weak core!! An experienced eye can identify these different patterns and instigate the appropriate management strategies to expedite your recovery

But of course, pain can also be referred to the shoulder area from the neck, the thoracic spine or ribs, brachial nerve trunks, even from thoracic organs!   

The Shoulder & Elbow Physiotherapists of Australia (SEPA) is an elite special interest physiotherapy group at the forefront of research, evidence based protocol development, education and management of shoulder and elbow conditions. Our clinic boasts the only member of this group on the Mid North Coast, Faye Wiffen, and as such is a major reference centre for the region and responsible for the development of post-operative regimes. Our Team regularly attend National and International Conferences dedicated to Shoulder and Elbow conditions, along with the Specialist Surgeons who manage these surgically, so we keep up to date with the latest evidence based treatment approaches. Our physiotherapists are Experts in assessment , diagnosis and rehabilitation of shoulder problems. Following injury or surgery we work with you to achieve your goals whether that be to elite sports, an electrician returning to his trade, or a retiree to their gardening. 

Faye has also received international recognition for her research into the shoulder as a published academic on the condition known as ‘Adhesive Capsulitis’ (Frozen Shoulder). We have included the article here for your interest.

What Role Does the Sympathetic Nervous System Play in the Development or Ongoing Pain of Adhesive Capsulitis