Have you suffered an injury in the past that has left you with chronic or existing pain?

Perhaps a ‘niggling shoulder’ that’s disturbing your sleep, or knee pain when you try to squat?

Are you finding gardening or your daily walk more challenging/tiring than it used to be?

Whilst Physiotherapists are well exposed in their management of sports injuries and improving performence, our skills extend far beyond this, or just treating neck and back pain!

At Health On High, our physios have studied in depth and developed extensive experience in their special interest areas, targeting often under or poorly serviced areas.

A thorough and complete examination often uncovers an underlying cause to that recurrent ‘niggle’ or restriction.

By addressing this with appropriate management, we can help you then regain long term control and freedom in your life.

Sometimes what appears to be a complex issue impacting your neck or shoulder problem, can actually be addressed by starting at the basics.

With that in mind, here are some common reasons why people can develop problems, and where our physiotherapists here in Coffs Harbour at Health on High can help.


More people are now working at desk jobs than ever before, and with COVID-19, a greater number are working from home!

Many of us therefore do not have ergonomically set-up work stations leading to poor sitting posture, and are feeling the effects with neck/upper back, shoulder pain or wrist problems.

Left unaddressed it can lead to more serious and longer lasting problems.

But poor posture is more than just standing up straight or sitting correctly at a desk.

Yes, it can lead to muscle tightness and joint restrictions, but weakness in your postural muscles can lead to normal daily tasks such as squatting or a brisk walk becoming a challenge.

You may find your sport is more tiring than previously, or that your performance has dropped off [at any age!!].

Our physiotherapists training and experience in kinematics and whole body function helps indentify your particular needs.

Together we then develop an individualised intervention for the most effective approach in your individual case to regain control!


You may not be experiencing any pain, but rather have a lack of flexibility that is affecting your daily life.

In contrast to this, your lack of mobility may in fact be the underlying cause of your chronic pain, especially in relation to your neck or shoulders.

During our thorough assessment, our physios can identify this, use manual therapy to assist where appropriate, along with home exercises to maximise your outcome and achieve your goals.

Surgical Recovery

Following major joint replacement surgery such as for hips or knees, outcomes can vary considerably based on the immediate post-operative advice and guidance you are given.

Having worked in this area for over 26years, our physiotherapists are experts in assisting you through this critical period, identifying if you are doing too much or too little to regain your knee bend, improve your walking pattern, and educating you so at home you can maximise your recovery and minimise your complications.

Any surgery related to the shoulder – rotator cuff repairs, shoulder replacements, frozen shoulders, all benefit from our trained eyes identifying when the wrong muscle pattern is being used, often resulting in pain or in poor mobility.

And following any prolonged injury or pain leading to the surgery, we can guide you back to improved fitness and strength once over the acute recovery period.

Generalised Pain or Deconditioning

Any prolonged illness or period of immobility can result in deconditioning and overall fatigue.

This can then result in generalised stiffness and pain, not always with a root cause.

We can work with you to rebuild your strength and tolerance.

Too often people live with pain and limitation unnecessarily.

If you think that you would benefit from physiotherapy in Coffs Harbour, feel free to contact one of our trained and experienced team members here at Health on High, and they will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

We aim to provide solutions, not bandaids, so let us help to get you back to your healthiest self.  We look forward to hearing from you.