Back pain refers to any pain that is present in the back. This is a very broad term – the pain can be present anywhere and can include a range of sensations such as tingling, throbbing, or aching. Additionally, the pain may be short-term or long-term and severe.

The underlying cause of back pain needs to be addressed to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Physiotherapy can be very helpful for diagnosing the cause of the pain and treating it effectively. So, how can physiotherapy in Coffs Harbour help you with your back pain?

The Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can originate from different parts of your body, including your joints, muscles, bones, nerves, and connective tissue.

Often this pain is caused by an injury, but it can also be down to other reasons like increased sensitivity. Pain in your lower back can be caused by weakness in the muscles that stabilise your body.

Always Address Back Pain

Back pain should never be ignored – the underlying causes of your back pain may lead to other issues in your body, so it’s important to get it checked out.

A physiotherapist will be able to accurately assess your pain and provide an appropriate course of treatment.

An assessment with a physiotherapist involves taking a detailed medical history, and assessments of factors such as your mobility and muscle strength.

Back pain can really impact all aspects of your life and prevent you from getting the most out of it as well as affecting everyday function.

Getting treatment from a physiotherapist can help you to feel more confident, move more freely, and be able to enjoy your life more.

Back Pain Treatments

After identifying the root causes of your back pain, a physiotherapist can recommend the right course of treatment for you.

This can include pain management advice, therapies such as massage, exercises, or specific therapeutic equipment.

Different courses of treatment are recommended depending on the root cause of your back pain.

Advice If You Suffer From Back Pain

If you’re suffering from back pain there are things you can do to help to protect your body. Avoid twisting movements, especially whilst lifting heavy objects.

You should also avoid sitting for extended periods of time – make sure you take a break and move around after sitting down for 20 minutes.

Gentle exercises like walking and swimming can also be highly beneficial for managing your back pain.

Back pain can take time to improve once you’ve started treatment, so it’s important to be patient and be kind to yourself.

Your physiotherapist can give you advice about how long your recovery is likely to take. In some cases, there isn’t an underlying cause for the pain, in which case your physiotherapist can help you with strategies to help you manage and improve the situation.

Get Started on Your Recovery Now

If you’re experiencing back pain and you live locally, then it’s important to seek professional support from a local physiotherapist in Coffs Harbour.

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