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We are passionate about using exercise as medicine to help people improve their health.

Exercise Physiology Coffs Harbour

Coffs Coast Exercise Physiology is a comprehensive rehabilitation, health and performance service. We use an active, exercise-based approach to help our clients rehabilitate from a wide range of musculoskeletal, cardio-vascular and metabolic health conditions.  

Our Exercise Physiologists are dedicated to providing a client-centred service and keeping you and your goals at the heart of your treatment. We recognise that rehabilitation and improving your health should be a collaboration. We are here to work with you to find answers that work for you rather than simply being instructors. At the end of the day, the best rehab or exercise program is the one that gets done.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Exercise physiology is a wonderful and diverse profession. Exercise has the ability to make really positive changes for many conditions and many people. At Coffs Coast Exercise Physiology we have developed special interests and have undertaken significant further study in several areas. In particular we have developed the knowledge and skills to treat people who are undergoing cancer treatment, injured sportspeople returning to sport, and golfers keen to play a better game for longer.

Exercise During Cancer Treatment

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Cardiac Rehab

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Golf-specific Fitness and Rehab

Golf is one of the most accessible sports for people of all…

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End Stage Injury Rehab and Return to Sport

Living on the Coffs Coast is great and in our opinion one…

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Building strength safely

Strength and Conditioning

Coffs Harbour has a proud history of producing professional athletes. From NRL…

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Meet Your Exercise Phsiologist

Hugh Campbell

I am a Coffs Harbour native and have returned home after 12 years in Sydney. Like lots of kids growing up on the Coffs Coast, I played a multitude of sports including cricket, rugby union, golf, tennis, AFL and surfing and maintain a love of sport and being active today. Moving into a career as an exercise physiologist has provided me with the opportunity to share my love of exercise and to help other people to remain and become more active. I love the diverse nature of the exercise physiology profession and the range of people and conditions that I see. It’s true that exercise is medicine and it is amazing to see the beneficial changes to peoples’ lives that can be made with exercise.

My love for exercise and its benefits has driven me to continue to educate myself so I can provide a world class service to my clients. I completed a Masters of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) and am currently undertaking a second masters, this time a Masters of Exercise Medicine (Oncology). I believe this education has given me the ability to understand my clients, their conditions and their goals, and I pride myself on my ability to work with my clients to devise an exercise program that works for them, their condition and their goals.

Experience, Dedication, Passion
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81 West High St
Coffs Harbour, 2450, NSW

Convenient, central location in West High St, with ample parking and convenient disabled access off rear of building in Gundagai Place.

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