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At Coffs Coast Speech Pathology we understand that every person is unique and are dedicated to supporting you to achieve the best out comes for you and/or your loved ones.

Speech Pathology Coffs Harbour

At Coffs Coast Speech Pathology we acknowledge that communication is a basic human right and communication disabilities can impact upon all aspects of life.  We are passionate in supporting individuals with complex communication needs increase and maintain their autonomy and facilitate positive interactions and relationships. 

Swallowing difficulties can impact eating and drinking which holds a core place in the lives and culture of all Australians.  We are committed to supporting people to enjoy safe and effective mealtimes to improve functional outcomes, social interaction and overall health and well being. 

We understand that every person is unique and are committed to enabling all individuals realise and achieve their full potential.  

We provide an individualised service catered to your needs based upon the latest research evidence.  

We can provide support with:

Communication Assessments

Skill Development Plans

Swallowing Support – Mealtime Management

Augmentative and Alternative Communication  – for individuals who do not use speech or as a supplement to speech.

Receptive Language Development – Receiving and understanding a message; Remembering and following instructions; and listening and maintain attention

Expressive Language Development – Using spoken language, grammar and sentences; Expressing needs, wants, preferences, ideas and opinions; Telling stories, narratives and providing information.

Speech Development – pronounciation of speech sounds.

Social Skill Development – understanding and awareness of social rules for positive interaction and engagement.

Education and Training to individuals, carers, support workers and additional organisations to ensure a collabortive and consistent approach is used.

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81 West High St
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Convenient, central location in West High St, with ample parking and convenient disabled access off rear of building in Gundagai Place.

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