About Health on High

Our dedicated Multidisciplinary team of Allied Health Professionals identified ‘areas of need’ in healthcare previously unavailable locally. With this in focus, our Professionals followed their passion refining their knowledge, training and skills in these target sub-speciality areas to deliver high-quality, expert service across the Coffs Coast to these clients.

Why we’re unique

Quality Care, Outcomes Focused

At Health On High [HOH] each of our Allied Health Professionals have a common link of passion and dedication to exceed our clients expectations by listening to you and working together collaboratively in planning, addressing, and achieving your personal goals and outcomes.

Residents of the Mid North Coast now benefit from their commitment by having local, easy access to highly skilled,  experienced professionals who can meet their clients particular special needs. Depending on these needs and goals, your sessions may be in our clinic private rooms or gym, in your home, or at the pool!

Working independently but as part of the multidisciplinary HOH group, allows these experienced and skilled Allied Health Professionals streamline referrals and communication, as well as being able to offer availability of Joint Assessments between the Therapies for the convenience and benefit of their clients.


Staying ahead of the game – ongoing Professional Education

Our Professionals are Experts in their special interest areas, and continue to expand/refine their knowledge and skills. We take our role seriously, and this is reflected by the study we have completed  and continue to undertake. Our Qualifications range from Postgraduate Masters Degrees in Manual Therapy, Masters of Exercise Medicine (Oncology), International Credentialed [USA] plus Australian Accredited Hand Therapists [per AHTA].

We regularly attend International and National Conferences, focused courses and workshops, along with regular International and National webinars for latest updates.  Our Therapists identify these areas of need in the community to deliver expertise from complex wheelchair and equipment prescription, alternative communication strategies, and mealtime management for those with disabilities, Accredited Hand Therapists managing complex injuries, to retraining muscle patterning using Real Time Ultrasound Imaging.

The benefit of this increased understanding and knowledge of complex needs and conditions is obvious, but is also reflected in the management of more common conditions, where it can enable improved recovery times and more effective outcomes.  We also aim to educate you with the understanding and skill on how to avoid re-injury, or manage/gain long term control of a chronic problem.



Our fully equipped 100sqm rehab gym to help you achieve your goals

Two Fully Equipped Rehab Gyms

HOH conveniently services our clients from either of our two specifically designed and equipped gymnasiums to cater for our wide range of clients. From orthopaedic rehabilitation, strength and fitness training, to post-injury recovery with our musculoskeletal physios at West High St clinic, or our exercise physiologists at our boutique gym in Vernon St, Coffs Harbour. Our West High St clinic gives our Neurological clients with special needs access to  specialised equipment such as Tilt Table, use of a ceiling hoist as support to allow free walking without aids, or on our advanced rehab treadmill, catering for balance, gait and mobility retraining.