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We aim to provide long term solutions, not short term bandaids

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Since opening in 1994, our goal has been delivery of effective, efficient, evidence-based physiotherapy. Too often people live with pain and limitation, seeking and gaining only temporary pain relief when desperate. Each person (and condition) is individual , so we individualise your treatment accordingly.

Our goal is to uncover the underlying cause and address this, so you regain long term control and freedom in your life. Our Expert Physios have studied extensively both nationally and internationally to integrate latest evidence in body/mind research.

We combine manual therapy with exercise, posture correction, ergonomics and pain science as required to target the source of your problem, gain long term control, and prevent recurrence, not just transient pain relief.  

Would you like to regain the confidence to live the way you need? To feel in control of your body again, especially as you age? Then we are here to help.

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Our Areas of Expertise

These are the areas in which our clinic excels, our areas of expertise- reflective of our physios dedication to ongoing continuing education, training, and higher skill levels, therefore providing a more comprehensive, effective treatment and outcomes for our clients. This is of course by no means the only conditions we treat...

Real Time Ultrasound Imaging allows you to see how well you are contracting/isolating your deep core muscle

Real Time Ultrasound Imaging

Perhaps you are already aware about using RTUI to retrain our deep…

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Spinal Pain: ‘Oils ain’t oils.’

Pain arising anywhere in the spine- cervical, thoracic or lumbar requires a…

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Hip “Bursitis”

Over 85% of people with ‘Bursitis’ actually have an undiagnosed tendon problem….

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Our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists are skilled in managing any joint or muscle pain so you can get back to living life well

General Physio – Regain control!

Yes, we are experienced in managing acute and chronic conditions you would…

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After knee replacements guided exercises and modified activity by our experienced physios can maximise your recovery

Joint Replacement Rehab

Our clinic has a combined experience of over 40 years between our…

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Unloader knee braces improve mobility and reduce pain for unicompartmental knee arthritis or meniscal damage

Unloader Knee Brace

Do you have arthritis of the knee that is primarily on one…

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Exercise is important to prevent osteoporosis, but how much do you really…

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Have A “Wee” problem?

As a woman, your body will undergo a unique journey throughout the…

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Women’s Physiotherapy for Pregnancy and Postnatal Care

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We Are Unique Because

Tourist with medicine crutch above head achieved mountain peak. Hiker with broken leg in immobilizer. Deep misty valley bellow silhouette of man with hand in air. Spring daybreak

We look for long term solutions, not short term bandaids

Each of our expert physiotherapists at Coffs Physiotherapy & Backcare employ a whole-body approach to getting you back doing what you love. We consider biomechanics (movement patterns) in combination with the mind to accelerate your recovery. It’s a “new school” model of physiotherapy that doesn’t just use tunnel vision to massage the sore spot or load the aggravated tissue in isolation. Instead, we hunt for the main driver/cause of your pain, which at times can be some distance away from your problem area. This leads to a far more holistic rehabilitation, leading to more powerful and longer lasting change in the body - all while promoting a healthier relationship with your body.

Huge Fully Equipped Rehab Gym Onsite

A purpose built 100qm fully equipped gymnasium onsite suitable for individual and small group rehabilitation, strength and balance training, work conditioning, or recovery of fitness for any age bracket. Accommodates small targeted group classes catering for GLA:D [Good Living with Osteoarthiritis: Denmark], osteoporosis etc

Huge 100sqm Rehabilitation Gym Onsite

Meet your physio

Faye Wiffen

I am lucky to work in a career that became a passion- simply I love what I do! The desire to learn, discover, understand more about the function and interplay of the human body motivated  my returning to university and completing a post-graduate Masters Degree in Manual and Manipulative Therapy in 2000, and gaining recognition as an APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. My major Masters research project [on the shoulder of course] was later published in the International ‘Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy,” and qualified me to join the Shoulder and Elbow Physiotherapists of Australia (SEPA), an elite group of physiotherapists highly skilled and experienced in treatment of the shoulder and elbow conditions. Continuing my passion on the upper limb, with further study I later achieved international recognition as a Certified Hand Therapist [USA]

My Masters Degree was based on the european Nordic approach to physiotherapy, which focuses on the anatomical gliding/rotation of how joints and bones interact along with that of the neuromuscular system. Put simply, it trains the therapist to look at the limb/body as a whole biomechanically linked system to find the underlying cause of pain/dysfunction, versus ‘tunnel vision’ of only a sore joint/muscle.

On a personal level I practice what I preach, being active in kayaking, cycling, bushwalking, gym and of course the garden! I am fitter and stronger now than I was 10 years ago by following simple rules of activity and healthy living. 

My goal is to enable all who have the desire, to age actively- My journey of discovery is ongoing.

Sean Wiffen

Growing up in Coffs Harbour Sean has always lived a very active lifestyle- basketball, football, surfing, oz tag and cross-fit, a lifestyle he is keen to share with  his two young sons and daughter as they grow.  

In his personal quest to extend himself professionally, Sean has built up an extensive Professional Development portfolio. Early on he  travelled to Canada to train in the Nordic ‘whole body’ approach, expanded on by highly respected Canadian Physiotherapist LJ Lee. LJ Lee’s approach is to identify any dysfunction which may be the underlying cause or source of the problem, restore normal function so you regain long term control and freedom in your life.

Sean also has a major focus on the shoulder and upper limb, expanding his knowledge and skills into the complex area of Hand Therapy. He regularly attends Specialist Surgeon/Therapist Combined International and National Conferences relating exclusively to the  Shoulder/Elbow, or Hand Therapy. He is experienced in assessment, diagnosis and management of a wide range of upper limb conditions extending from multi-trauma, fractures, tendon or overuse injuries, to post-operative management and rehab. He has fulfilled all the stringent requirements to qualify as an Accredited Hand Therapist as per the Australian Hand Therapy Association.  

Sean is also trained and experienced in the use of Real Time Ultrasound Imaging for the deep trunk core muscles as well as upper and lower limb muscles. In combining his ‘hands on therapy’ and RTUI he has assisted many return to full activities stronger than ever, be it in improved competitive performance, recovery from shoulder injury or surgery, or recovery from acute or chronic back pain.

Sean appreciates that we are all “athletes” to some degree, whether our goal is achieving sporting excellence, setting to work in our gardens, or to just walk the beach pain-free. Too often people live with pain and limitation, seeking and gaining only temporary pain relief when desperate. His goal is to uncover the underlying cause and address this, so you regain long term control and freedom in your life.

Danielle McMahon

Growing up in Coffs Harbour I’ve always lived an active lifestyle playing basketball, surfing and hiking. I recently moved back to the Coffs Coast after completing my Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Charles Sturt University (CSU). Throughout my studies with CSU I gained valuable experience treating a variety of injuries including but not limited to spinal, orthopaedic and sporting injuries. Upon graduating from CSU I have since furthered my clinical experience within private practice working with a diverse range of patients. My clinical care is individualised and patient centred, focusing on achieving your goals. As an accredited Australian Physiotherapy Association member, I continue to advance my clinical knowledge and skills, keeping up to date with the most recent clinical evidence and skills in order to give the best possible care. 

In my spare time I enjoy trying to keep my veggie patch alive, surfing and keeping active! 

Experience, Dedication, Passion
Let's work together towards your goals

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