Balance, Gait and Mobility 

Debilitating changes to balance, gait and mobility is one of the areas that many people living with a neurological condition face. This unecessarily can make daily life far harder than it should be. Neuro physiotherapy can be used to treat any neurological condition that affects movement and physical ability.


The good news is that the neural networks in the brain have the ability to change and adapt as a result of experience, growth, and reorganisation. This process is referred to as neuroplasticity. Neuro physiotherapy focuses providing individualised targeted programs to help improve your function, independence and quality of life through the use neuroplasticity and specific techniques that maximise skill attainment and retention. Consider it rewiring the brain to re-learn impaired or lost function.

Programs aim to enhance function through various exercises that provide challenge and interest.  Following a comprehensive assessment, needs are identified to provide guidance for creating a program as individual as you are. These target areas may include strengthening, sensory stimulation, co-ordination, reaction speed, visual tracking, positive reinforcement, and verbal feedback. 

Whatever your balance and mobility goals are at NeuroABLE we have the experience and training to help you achieve them and ‘enable your potential’.