Brain Injury and Stroke

Every brain injury or stroke offers a unique set of challenges. At NeuroABLE we are fully equipped with the knowledge to tackle these issues and give you the ability to overcome them and achieve your potential. That is why our brain injury and stroke programs are person centred and tailored to the needs of each individual.

Brain injuries can be acquired (ABI) or traumatic (TBI) and can occur at any time throughout a person’s lifetime. Like stroke, they can range from mild to severe, and can often involve a complex mix of physical, cognitive, behavioural and perceptual issues.


The good news is that often other areas can be trained to take over lost function from a damaged area of the brain. Our brains have a fantastic ability to adapt to change. This neuroplasticity enables us as neurological physiotherapists, to tap into the brain’s neuropathways and teach your body new ways to move. We work with all our clients on a creating a plan and celebrating every small win along the way. It is important for clients not to compare themselves to others in their situation, even with the same disease. With so many variables between people, it can provide false hope or indicate a more challenging path ahead than in reality.

Individualised therapy with a highly experienced neurophysiotherapist such as that provided by NeuroABLE, is the best way to maximise your potential. Our programs promote intensity, variation and challenge to drive real and lasting changes in the brain, just as research suggests. We also aim to minimise secondary complications that can lead to further disability.

Person Focused Treatment Plans

You will be assessed to determine your needs, goals, function and impairments. Then discuss with you a treatment plan designed to maximise your potential. 

If you are looking for maximum improvement, or have a very specific goal in mind this may involve intensive therapy blocks where you can target your walking, balance, arm function, spasticity or any other personal goal. 

We may also support you through providing education to your care team to assist you with getting around and helping you in the most appropriate way with personal care and activities in the home and community.

Whatever it is you need to ‘enable your potential’ we will be with you every step of the way. We are committed to advocate for you, motivate you and celebrate your wins.