Complex Disability

‘Complex disability’ is when an individual has multiple, interconnected challenges that can significantly affect their overall well-being. These complex needs can impact their ability to function at home and in the community. This can be compounded by additional health concerns such as diabetes, other factors restricting independent living, or even psychosocial disability. 

These complex needs may be with a person from birth, following illness / injury, or can develop with age. Having complex disabilities often means they can experience unique barriers in daily life, and often require higher levels of support.

At NeuroABLE we understand how challenging this journey can be if you have complex needs. You want to feel like your condition is under control. That you’re doing everything you can to alleviate the symptoms. That you are well set up or able to reach those big goals. This is our area of expertise. 

You want to reach your potential and unlock function so you can live life on your terms.  There are many factors to consider when creating your recovery or maintenance plan. Critically it will depend on your condition and your expected outcome. The highly trained and experienced therapists at NeuroABLE and Health on High will be able to provide comprehensive assessment and recommendations with these in mind which will give you the best opportunity to “enable your potential”.  

Brain Neuroplasticity

Our brains have a fantastic ability to adapt and it’s this plasticity which enables us as neurological physiotherapists to tap into the brain’s neuropathways and teach your body new ways to move.  After  a thorough assessment, your needs and goals are agreed on, and an individualised plan and recommended treatments is developed. This will be in consultation with your Multi-disciplinary team (MDT) to ensure the highest quality of care and best outcomes to improve their health, independence and quality of life. 

How a Neuro-Physiotherapist Can Help

Here’s a summary of how an experienced neuro-physiotherapist can support those living with a disability:

  • Improve posture and manage skeletal system
  • Regain balance and strength
  • Help with fine and gross motor skills development
  • Manage mobility
  • Managing airways and respiration        
  • Improve mental and social well-being, and boost self confidence
  • Equipment recommendations and prescription
  • Support participation in various activities         

Setting goals when you have a complex injury or disability can feel daunting. With injuries or diseases of the Central Nervous System (CNS), it can be hard to predict or map an exact pathway. Critically, our highly experienced physiotherapist at NeuroABLE has the skills to perform a comprehensive and ongoing assessment, set realistic goals, chart your progress and celebrate your win. Contact us for further information or to book an appointment.