Custom Made Splints

Custom-made splints are fabricated when precise fit and control is required, such as after surgery to the hand, or commonly following a fracture of the finger, but also of the wrist or metacarpals,.

They can also be designed to mobilise stiff joints in the hand, or to stretch tight soft tissues such as scarring causing tethering of dorsal fascia or tendons.

Hand Therapists are trained in the unique skill of fabricating these splints, usually made from Thermoplastic which can be reheated and moulded to adjust for any changes in swelling.

Your surgeon or Hand Therapist may recommend a custom-made splint or brace

  • to immobilise joints
  • to protect soft tissues after surgery or injury
  • to avoid or correct deformity
  • to improve your range of motion
  • to rest irritable joints
  • to protect healing wounds.
  • maximise their comfort, fit and control, and avoid