General Physio – Regain control!

Yes, we are experienced in managing acute and chronic conditions you would normally see a physiotherapist for – sports injuries, work injuries, over-use, arthritis. We will always perform a thorough assessment and examination, and during this will also be alert to any underlying cause that may be a contributing factor, for example a tennis elbow may be caused by a weak shoulder girdle, or hip bursitis by weak core muscles. 

Manual therapy, dry needling, strapping, laser, Real Time Ultrasound muscle retraining. can all be used  when and as needed. But you want and deserve more than just acute pain relief- you want long term control! We will always educate you on your condition, and on an effective, inclusive home exercise routine personally tailored to your needs. Plus self- management techniques for chronic pain or recurrent problems, preventative measures, ergonomics and manual handling education as required.