Hip “Bursitis”

Over 85% of people with ‘Bursitis’ actually have an undiagnosed tendon problem.

Yes, research confirms that true, isolated Greater Trochanteric Bursitis or Hip Bursitis is present in only less than 15% of all cases of those presenting with pain over the lateral [outside] of the hip. In these cases, a cortisone injection can help- but not when the problem is deeper in the muscles!!

The most common source of pain arises from the deep gluteal muscles responsible for stabilising the hip joint.

It commonly presents after someone decides they need to up their fitness and progress their activity or exercise level more quickly than these muscles can adapt to. Typically found in young mums returning to the gym after their baby, or middle aged men or women increasing their walking levels or starting at the gym to improve fitness or loose weight.

This condition does respond well to exercise but be warned- it needs to be the CORRECT exercise, otherwise you can make your condition worse, or just not gain pain control.

Our team of physiotherapists are experienced in correctly diagnosing and managing this condition, and return you to your fitness goals.