Exercise is important to prevent osteoporosis, but how much do you really understand about when and how much?

Building good strong bones starts from a young age. Naturally you need a well balanced diet, but exercise plays a vital role. To begin with, you need to develop maximum bone strength from a young age through to adolescence. This is then boosted by building muscle and maintaining bone strength during your adult-life, until finally in older age, minimising bone loss.

For the elderly, your focus needs to be on maintaining or building muscle bulk and strength. It needs to be a combination of weight-bearing exercises [such as walking, jogging, dancing] and resistance exercises [ weights, bands etc]. You also need to focus on keeping good balance to avoid falls.

But with all of this, you need to be doing the right amount of intensity and frequency for your exercises program to be effective in keeping those bone strong. Not sure how much? We can guide you through this, or alternatively start you on a program in our onsite gym which you can continue on at home.