Real Time Ultrasound Imaging

Perhaps you are already aware about using RTUI to retrain our deep trunk core muscles for treatment of low back pain? But what about  our deep muscles that stabilise our hip- gluteus medius and minimus (essential for correct walking mechanics), iliopsoas (adds strength and stability to the front of the hip and SIJ) and deep hip rotators? These can be weakened by arthritis or after any sporting injury to the back or pelvis and need rehabilitation for return to optimum function. Other muscles also such as the quadriceps at the knee, rotator cuff or scapula stabiliser muscles at the shoulder, or stabilisers at the elbow or wrist can be examined and rehabilitated.

Our Physios are trained and experienced in using RTUI as  an effective tool during assessment and retraining of important stabilising muscles, many of which are too deep for palpation. The Physio (and you) watch the muscle contraction on the screen in live time, allowing insight into the degree of any muscle dysfunction. For many patients  viewing the video image of the muscle as it contracts and relaxes is a powerful learning tool and effective method of teaching correct exercise technique, as well as a great form of biofeedback! Sometimes you actually may need to ‘detrain’ a muscle prior to learning the correct technique!

Seeing is believing (and learning!), you will be amazed how powerful RTUI can be in assisting your recovery!

[transversus abdominus, multifidus, and pelvic floor]