Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury can be traumatic (e.g. injury), congenital (e.g. Spina Bifida) or degenerative (e.g. Cervical Myelopathy), inflammatory/infection or ischemic.  Our Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation programs cater to a range of needs across various complete and incomplete injuries and across all spinal levels. 

We prioritise personalised physiotherapy to improve specific skills and overall well-being. Collaboration with other expert Allied Health Professionals within our multi-disciplinary Clinic ensures comprehensive care.

Outlining Your Goals

What do you want to achieve? Is this realistic or not? What are the steps you need to take to get there? 

Our brains have a fantastic ability to adapt following alterations to our environment. It’s this plasticity which enables us as neurological physiotherapists to tap into the brain’s neuropathways and teach your body new ways to move. 

Before injury or disease a typical everyday activity may have been simple. Yet it becomes a major goal/achievement during rehab, and this should be celebrated! We actively encourage all our clients to take baby steps. See the positivity in small gains and recognise that a mountain cannot be metaphorically climbed in a day. 

Improved quality of life with small wins, can make all the difference mentally and physically. 

We work with all our clients on a step by step plan – celebrating every small win along the way. It’s important for clients not to compare themselves to others in their situation. Even with the same condition there can be so many variables from person to person. Comparing yourself to others can provide false hope, or indicate a more challenging path ahead than reality. 

It’s not uncommon to be in shock from a recent diagnosis or be overwhelmed in the acute, subacute or chronic phases. Having a strong support bubble around you is one of the most important aspects to maintaining your health the best we can. Family, friends and experts are all likely to play a role in helping to hold you accountable to your own recovery, support you mentally and share those small wins and celebrations.  

Multi-disciplinary Team

Our Health on High Occupational Therapist is experienced in specialised wheelchair prescriptions and assistive technology. Our Health On High Speech Therapist is skilled in can assist with swallowing and mealtime management, augmentative and alternative communication means.  

A personal tailored programs is developed, taking into consideration your individual abilities. It can include functional training, adaptive equipment use, and regular progress assessments. This is all part of our commitment to ‘enable your potential’, whether you have a recently acquired diagnosed of spinal cord injury or it has been decades. Call for more information, or to make a booking.