Mastering Balance: a Key to Falls Prevention.

Maintaining balance is crucial for standing and walking confidently, especially as we age. This article delves into the significance of balance in daily activities. Participating in specific individualised exercise programs focusing on strength, balance and co-ordination can help reduce your fall risk.

The Importance of Balance 

Balance involves the intricate interplay of sensory input, muscle strength, flexibility and coordination. It’s the foundation for standing upright and moving confidently. Our experienced Exercise Physiologists will asses your needs and develop you an individualised program. These tailored exercises can be performed safely under supervision by our Exercise Physiologists in our boutique gym, improving your balance, joint mobility, coordination and proprioception, and aiding in reducing your falls risk.

Standing and Walking Balance

  1. Strength Training: Targeting key muscle groups can enhance your stability e.g. when standing on one leg or using steps
  2. Flexibility and co-ordination: Improving in these areas can help your overall general well-being as well as improving your balance and confidence
  3. Footwear Matters: Choose shoes with good arch support and slip resistant soles to improve walking stability
  4. Home Safety: Remove clutter, secure rugs, install handrails for a fall-proof environment at home 
  5. Health Matters: Your balance can also be impacted by your health- for example a sudden drop in blood pressure when you stand up quickly, or poor sensation in your feet from a sensory neuropathy. Any such symptoms should always be discussed with your therapist or doctor

Prioritising balance in daily life is essential for a secure and confident lifestyle. Whether through targeted exercises or making simple adjustments, improving and maintaining your balance fosters well-being and independence.

Both static [standing still] and dynamic [moving/walking] balance tend to deteriorate as we age, and just as we can improve our strength and flexibility with exercises, so can we improve our balance. Our Exercises Physiologists incorporate balance in their Over 50’s exercise classes run regularly across the week, but also do private one on one balance retraining to improve and maintain your independence. Ring our admin staff at Health On High for more information or to book.