Tennis Elbow

‘Tennis Elbow’ or more correctly Lateral Epicondylitis is rarely due to playing tennis, but rather from repetitive gripping actions such as after a bout of intensive gardening, painting or even cleaning. It involves the tendons attaching to the outside of the elbow, and pain is experienced on gripping, pulling wrist backwards, or even just lifting a cup of tea!

Usual management is bracing and wrist strengthening exercises, however a thorough biomechanical examination to uncover any underlying pre-disposing factors [such as from the neck or trunk], along with an ergonomic assessment is critical to avoid exacerbations, prolong recovery, and gain long term control.

A ‘stubborn’ tennis elbow that is not responding to usual management can be due to an undiagnosed condition effecting the radial nerve, and this requires expertise in correcting the diagnosis and implementing the appropriate treatment regime.

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