Unloader Knee Brace

Do you have arthritis of the knee that is primarily on one side only (medially or laterally)? If so, and your pain is predominantly matching the same side, then the Unloader Knee brace could be a life changer for you! Some people are too young for a knee replacement, some too old or unwell, some want to delay it as long as possible. 

The Unloader Brace is a comfortable,  lightweight, low profile brace providing excellent suspension and unloading leverage, designed specifically for people with moderate to severe uni-compartmental arthritis of the knee. Its unique 3-point leverage and dynamic straps easily allow fully customised fit.  

Our Clinic has been the registered fitter for these braces across the MNC for the past 10 years, and when fitted by us the brace comes with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee – that is how confident the Ossur (and we) are of this brace. Trying it is believing how good it can be – it literally is a life changer!!!