Our pregnancy exercise classes are a small class lead by our Women’s Health Physiotherapist Danielle, designed to support women through their pregnancy with safe exercise. Our classes focus on strengthening lumbo-pelvic stability and coordination, flexibility, pelvic floor and abdominal health.  All the while focusing on maintaining overall fitness in order to support your body changes through each trimester. Our classes are kept small so that we can provide immediate feedback to all participants and adapt exercises to suit your fitness level and stage of pregnancy.

But our care does not stop there! It is just as important to regain your strength and control after your baby arrives. Finding time to care for yourself can be a challenge when your little one arrives. Here at Health On High we understand the demands on your time, but also recognise the importance of you, as a new mum, to regain your strength and fitness. Our small number Mums and Bubs classes cater for your needs, whilst having fun with your new baby.