Parkinson’s disease and PD Warrior

Programs for all stages and ages, from newly diagnosed to later stages. Unlike traditional approaches, we use neuroplastic training principles to help re-wire and re-train the brain for long-term change and long-term gain.

PD Warrior

PD Warrior has been described as a ‘game changer’ in the way that Parkinson’s disease can be managed. It offers people with Parkinson’s disease hope that there is life after diagnosis, and an opportunity to develop confidence, control and the ability to live the best life possible.

Coffs Neuro Physio is the ONLY licensed provider of the official PD Warrior program in Coffs Harbour, giving us access to ongoing research and regular program updates, so we deliver it specifically as it was designed for your maximum benefit.

PD Warrior is particularly beneficial for those in early stages of PD, to slow progression of the condition. It aims to improve the way people move, think and feel and is based on a Parkinson’s-specific, intensive exercise approach, using principles to change the brain.

The program commences with a brief, intensive introductory individual program. This is then supported as class sessions in the clinic, at home or over Telehealth, alongside a structured home exercise program and strong focus on self management.

Importantly, the earlier you start this treatment approach, the more effective it will be in helping you slow progression of your symptoms. CNP founder Amanda participated in the development of PD Warrior in Sydney and it quickly has become a global sensation, now being delivered in nine countries across the world. Do not underestimate how this program may change your life with Parkinson’s! Learn more about PDW at

Later Stage PD Warrior

In later stages of PD, there are additional issues that need to be considered such as freezing of gait, balance, falls and cognitive decline. Working on an individual basis, we target these personal specific needs.

We also offer a ‘later stage PD Group,’ a small group targeting these issues and providing opportunity to feel supported amongst your peers.

Punching Above PD

Developed by our very own Amanda O’Neill and collaborative partners at Parkinson’s NSW, this is a non-contact boxing and exercise program specific for people with Parkinson’s.

Based on challenging techniques and exercises used by athletes training to be boxers, it targets strength, fitness, balance, coordination, dual tasking and intensive exercise for body and brain health.

At the Mid North Coast Local Health District Innovation Awards in 2019 our program Punching Above PD won the ‘Patients as Partners’ category.

We have a strong relationship with our local Parkinson’s support groups, our local Parkinson’s NSW Nurse and Parkinson’s NSW.

Zoom PD Groups

In addition we offer weekly Parkinson’s-specific groups online for those who cannot access the clinic or prefer to exercise from home.